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  4. Joy Manning

    A Lament for Lament

    Beautifully spoken!
  5. Potent words. May the joy come! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Joy Manning

    Lament for my Husband

    A revision: My soul’s whispered tears rise as scented threads woven by the years Morning and evening I unwind burning pleas to spread before your all-knowing eye. When will you fly to crumble granite walls, loose the stoney cuffs that lock the hidden man? How long must we writhe confined by boundaries, divided in the union of our joined separate lives? Alone, I tread against the current of our days, battered by waves of unbelief’s refrain. Yet in silence my arms embrace the stone heart tight, and to you alone I po
  7. Ah, thank you, thank you.
  8. Then mysteries have their way. They are tranquil yet have a screeching say. The questions bears a witness. Yet I go farther in search of the answering bay. This hope to behold a new life into our arms. Yet is abandoned each passing day. We are told God is able to do marvellous. I bear no doubts to it. Still the assurance is for the healing of the heart. Yet not for the healing of the body. Is He really capable to make this physical brokenness into a wholesomeness? My answers are not showing up. They seemed pretty far off somewhere in the ruggedness. I have known this God who
  9. Rachel Donahue

    A Lament for Lost Valuables: Three Sonnets

    @Reagan Dregge this gave me chills. I love what you’ve done with the form, separating the couplets from the rest. What tension, then resolution! You have so many beautiful turns of phrase and the rhymes feel natural, unforced. (That takes work!) Thank you for crafting it so beautifully and then sharing it with us.
  10. Renee Mathis

    A Lament for Lost Valuables: Three Sonnets

    Oh @Reagan Dregge!!! I too have lost a wedding ring. It's almost too painful to even think about. Thank you for putting words to the groanings of my heart and for also putting words to the hope that I cling to. Blessings on you and your work. Keep writing, my friend!
  11. Thank you for these particular words, Shawn.
  12. Reagan Dregge

    A Mother's Lament

    Such faith! to trust when love's path is hidden. I pray to have this expectancy too. Luke 7:12-15 As he drew near to the gate of the town, behold, a man who had died was being carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow, and a considerable crowd from the town was with her. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.” Then he came up and touched the bier, and the bearers stood still. And he said, “Young man, I say to you, arise.” And the dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother.
  13. Reagan Dregge

    Lament for Lost Health

    I cried all the way through your beautiful psalm, Bethany, but this line caught me unaware. Even though my allergy to dust mites which triggers asthma isn't as life-threatening as your autoimmune disorder, I do feel as though my body is fighting itself every time. What a Friend we have who knows what it feels like to bleed, to be unable to breathe, to die.
  14. Reagan Dregge

    A Lament for the Lost Things

    I'll add my voice to the refrain: thank you. I love imagining my dream as a seed. It must die to bear fruit. He gives and takes away and gives back a hundredfold.
  15. Bethany Sanders

    A Lament for Lost Valuables: Three Sonnets

    This is beautiful, @Reagan Dregge! I love how you frame the loss, and offered it as an experience. (Also I'm impressed you successfully made it into a sonnet--I haven't ever succeeded at one). Thank you for sharing this.
  16. Barb Knuckles

    A Lament for Lost Valuables: Three Sonnets

    @Reagan Dregge I like this so much. I find myself dismissing such losses as “only a ‘thing’” but they can cut deep. And they often evoke such a sense of failure and shame. I had never situated them in the context of the frustrations of the consequence of the Fall, as you so poetically did. Your ending lines opened my eyes to God’s caring about our lost things.
  17. My daughter lost her glasses in the snow Prescription lenses paid for just last week Waylaid along our wandering—sled in tow— Through winter laden slopes beyond the creek All afternoon until the sun sank low We traced, retraced, and scoured every drift Our eyes scanned back and forth and to and fro Our bodies bent, our fingers spread to sift The crystal flakes, but not a trace was found Too deep and wide the barren buried field No lens nor framework strewn upon the ground No hoped for glint our desperate probe revealed. Still other memories I rue to write— Ou
  18. This is really powerful, Shawn Collins. Thank you for sharing.
  19. The risk of hope, juxtaposed with the risk of God, is very powerful. Thank you.
  20. You’re not pregnant anymore. That’s it? The miscarriage is complete. That’s it? My wife is relieved by the doctor’s words. Her body has faced the darkness of pregnancy loss again. We don’t have to do anything. I am shattered by the doctor’s words. This little one was a dream. A risk. A willingness to hope. Those things also died. We don't have anything to do. I sit in the rubble of my broken dreams, and I am angry. I am angry at the new life around me. I am angry at the words of faith which celebrate vi
  21. Elizabeth Giger

    Lord Have Mercy

    Thank you, @Cindy Ragsdale!
  22. Cindy Ragsdale

    A Mother's Lament

    “You are the Father who watches and waits For all the sons of Adam to come home.“ Gosh, Barb. The last 2 lines of each stanza feel to me like an exhalation . . . I’ve used a phrase a lot lately in prayer . . . “help me collapse into your care.” These lines feel like that exhalation, that collapse. (i’ll be asking for your permission to share this with someone we have in common. Thank you for writing it. Beautiful..)
  23. Barb Knuckles

    Lament for Lost Health

    I love this, @Bethany Sanders, but you know that. It is hard for me to respond. The pictures you paint are so vivid. I brings me to tears but I rejoice that this carries some of the pain for you. It helps to transfer some of the burden to someone big enough to carry it. There is solace for me in knowing that you are sitting with the one who knows your suffering so intimately, who never looked or looks away. (Bethany's mom)
  24. Barb Knuckles

    A Lament for Victims of Predation

    "Let the light of your facePenetrate the dark corners where evil dwells." Amen and amen.
  25. Barb Knuckles

    A Lament Over The Misconduct of Ministry Leaders

    "How can the preachers of light hide so much in the dark?" Yes. My lament too.
  26. Barb Knuckles

    The Mouse in the Attic

    This surprised me but has stuck in my mind. It took me back to an early apartment that my husband and I rented where the mice nearly drove our dog mad and I still was soft hearted enough to feel sad about killing them. Like Cindy, the line about "death's tiny squeak" has stuck with me.
  27. Bethany Sanders

    Lament for Worry and Waste

    I love this, @Cindy Ragsdale! Like @Barb Knuckles said, you have a lot packed into a small amount of words. Beautiful.
  28. Barb Knuckles

    A Mother's Lament

    @Renee Mathis, Thank you so much. I will pray for your son too. Barb
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