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  3. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am going to miss all of you an I am honored that I had this chance to get to know all of you and read your writing!

    You all have encouraged me in my writing and I am so thankful for that!

    God bless you all!

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    2. Grace


      @Isabella I hope you do publish! You are a great writer, and I bet a lot of people would like your books. Including me!😃

      Thank you!

    3. Isabella


      Thank you so much @Grace! I have really enjoyed writing my book, but sometimes I have second thoughts of 'is it only me who likes this?' so hearing that is really wonderful! Thanks again Grace and all of you for the encouragement! 

    4. Grace


      @Isabella You are welcome! I agree.

  4. @Sophia@Sosi

    So I talked to my group, and they would be willing to let more people on, if you're interested.

    It's a google hangout, so it's basically like texting except you have to have a gmail account to get on. When you join (well, if you join) it doesn't show your email address, just your name. My mom is on there too, and I think you could add your parent also, if you want/need to. 

    Anyway, the idea is we make a story up as a group, kind of like a RP. It's @Kaylee, @Lilliana, @Cosette, @Ava and me. 

    I can post the link if your interested. And I can also just post the link to the google doc if you just want to check that out. And there's absolutely no pressure to do it.


    Also, is there anyone else who wants to join? Or who you guys think should join? I'm not trying to be exclusive, I just don't really know any one else...wait...maybe...

    @Team Basel@Abigail (Abby)@Isabella@Romana@Ally

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    2. Isabella



    3. Liza


      I hope you found it @Isabella

      Sorry I have not posted a story this week guys! I am working on it!

    4. Isabella


      I had it, I just wanted to make sure you did @Liza! Thanks though! XD

  5. ...

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    2. Sarah


      you have to enable them in settings. i think if you go to edit profile it should say something about status updates.

    3. Sarah
    4. Grace



  6. Hi everyone! I thought if I didn't get to write essays about Jim Feral I'd post them here, if anyone is interested in the plot! 

  7. Thank you guys so much for making this class an amazing experience! I hope you leave inspired and ready to keep writing; and may God bless you and Keep you! 

    1. Aubrey


      Aww! Best Wishes to you too Lilliana! You are an amazing writer! Are you doing writing with Feechies? I hope to see you there! 

    2. Lilliana


      Unfortunately not, but i do wish to keep in contact with you! 

  8. ...my email's jaiwolf16@gmail.com, if anyone cares....

    1. Isabella


      Thank you!

  9. Hey! Y'all (girls)!! I just had a totally awesome idea! Since alot of us have super cool strong female characters, we should collaborate and create a group of strong, female, butt-kicking warrior girls who travel throughout worlds and fight bad guys, ensue chaos and have fun!

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    2. Ava


      Oh no. I think it was good.

    3. Sarah



      if it helps anyone's parents, my mom is going to be on there as an admin, just to make sure everything's okay. she's not really worried about us though.

    4. Sosi


      Ok thanks! I'll just double check with my mom!

  10. Hi ma peeps! if we have talked at all, or even if you want to talk in the future, here is my hangouts: uhlesfam@gmail.com. it is under my mom's account, so even tho the name is different, it's rlly me. can't wait to chat 🙂

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    2. Sarah



    3. Sarah


      just have to figure out how it works....

    4. Kaylee


      it's part of a google account, if you have one. if you don't, idk...

  11. omg. i am such a nerd/loser with no life. lol i have been on this for like 5 hours.... that's kinda sad..also i'm turning 16 in 13 days! yay!!!

    1. Kaylee


      10 days now!!!

    2. Aubrey


      ooh awesome! You are not a loser Kaylee, you seem like an amazing person!

  12. wow... a saturday afternoon and there is like not alot of people on.... honestly i'm surprised.

  13. and once again, i am like legit the only one here..... 😞  feels like i can't participate in anything. Why do i have so much dang school work!!! Grrrrr 😫

    1. Valentine


      I get it, Kaylee. To think that our Junior year is supposed to be harder than our Sophomore year... I'm not sure I'll make it. It really makes it hard to do extra activities and actually be on top of things. 

  14. This feed is for anybody who wants to simply talk.

  15. Hi visitors to my profile, umm, idk what the point of the post was... oh! now i got it.  usually i am not noticed AT ALL in things like this..... this is not yet an exception...Anyway, if you are reading this, thnks for taking the time, it actually means alot. Peace!

    1. Lilliana


      You’re welcome! 

  16. Hi visitors to my profile, umm, idk what the point of the post was... oh! now i got it. anyway, thanks for being curious enough to check it out, usually i am not noticed AT ALL in things like this..... this is not yet an exception...Anyway, thnks for taking the time, it actually means alot

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    2. Emma


      Ooh yes I like Historical fic too. Tho i don't read it as much as i used to.

      Are you currently working on a specific story that you're writing?

    3. Kaylee


      honestly, not rn, i got a lot of schoolwork and don't really have any ideas yt... anyway, i gtg to bed now... it's like 10 pm here, and i got schoolwork and chores to do tomorrow before i can get on in the afternoon. i really liked talking to you. Thanks for talking. 🙂

    4. Emma


      Ah ok! Yeah I feel that 😆 I have a lot of school too. It was really nice talking to you! i hope we can continue the conversation later

  17. “I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”

    -Faramir/ JRR Tolkien 

    The Two Towers

  18. Thank you, @Elizabeth Giger for your comments on my poem.  

    I've been a little off the map of late, with the global pandemic. 

    Now we can't even GO to the library to get the virus or get thick books!

  19. Thanks for the feedback! I don't have a story or anything it goes with yet. I just thought of a wooded place I like to go to and came up with that.

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    I love the process of writing poetry and song lyrics because they are portable containers for the creative process. I can carry them with me until they tell me they're ready. This is the first time I've submitted a poem to a writing community.
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