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  4. Thank you guys so much for making this class an amazing experience! I hope you leave inspired and ready to keep writing; and may God bless you and Keep you! 

    1. Aubrey


      Aww! Best Wishes to you too Lilliana! You are an amazing writer! Are you doing writing with Feechies? I hope to see you there! 

    2. Lilliana


      Unfortunately not, but i do wish to keep in contact with you! 

  5. ...my email's jaiwolf16@gmail.com, if anyone cares....

  6. Hey! Y'all (girls)!! I just had a totally awesome idea! Since alot of us have super cool strong female characters, we should collaborate and create a group of strong, female, butt-kicking warrior girls who travel throughout worlds and fight bad guys, ensue chaos and have fun!

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    2. Ava


      Oh no. I think it was good.

    3. Sarah



      if it helps anyone's parents, my mom is going to be on there as an admin, just to make sure everything's okay. she's not really worried about us though.

    4. Sosi


      Ok thanks! I'll just double check with my mom!

  7. Hi ma peeps! if we have talked at all, or even if you want to talk in the future, here is my hangouts: uhlesfam@gmail.com. it is under my mom's account, so even tho the name is different, it's rlly me. can't wait to chat 🙂

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    2. Sarah



    3. Sarah


      just have to figure out how it works....

    4. Kaylee


      it's part of a google account, if you have one. if you don't, idk...

  8. omg. i am such a nerd/loser with no life. lol i have been on this for like 5 hours.... that's kinda sad..also i'm turning 16 in 13 days! yay!!!

    1. Kaylee


      10 days now!!!

    2. Aubrey


      ooh awesome! You are not a loser Kaylee, you seem like an amazing person!

  9. wow... a saturday afternoon and there is like not alot of people on.... honestly i'm surprised.

  10. and once again, i am like legit the only one here..... 😞  feels like i can't participate in anything. Why do i have so much dang school work!!! Grrrrr 😫

    1. Valentine


      I get it, Kaylee. To think that our Junior year is supposed to be harder than our Sophomore year... I'm not sure I'll make it. It really makes it hard to do extra activities and actually be on top of things. 

  11. This feed is for anybody who wants to simply talk.

  12. Hi visitors to my profile, umm, idk what the point of the post was... oh! now i got it.  usually i am not noticed AT ALL in things like this..... this is not yet an exception...Anyway, if you are reading this, thnks for taking the time, it actually means alot. Peace!

    1. Lilliana


      You’re welcome! 

  13. Hi visitors to my profile, umm, idk what the point of the post was... oh! now i got it. anyway, thanks for being curious enough to check it out, usually i am not noticed AT ALL in things like this..... this is not yet an exception...Anyway, thnks for taking the time, it actually means alot

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    2. Emma


      Ooh yes I like Historical fic too. Tho i don't read it as much as i used to.

      Are you currently working on a specific story that you're writing?

    3. Kaylee


      honestly, not rn, i got a lot of schoolwork and don't really have any ideas yt... anyway, i gtg to bed now... it's like 10 pm here, and i got schoolwork and chores to do tomorrow before i can get on in the afternoon. i really liked talking to you. Thanks for talking. 🙂

    4. Emma


      Ah ok! Yeah I feel that 😆 I have a lot of school too. It was really nice talking to you! i hope we can continue the conversation later

  14. “I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”

    -Faramir/ JRR Tolkien 

    The Two Towers

  15. Thank you, @Elizabeth Giger for your comments on my poem.  

    I've been a little off the map of late, with the global pandemic. 

    Now we can't even GO to the library to get the virus or get thick books!

  16. Thanks for the feedback! I don't have a story or anything it goes with yet. I just thought of a wooded place I like to go to and came up with that.

  17. @Jennifer Searls, thank you so much for your comments! You are right; the word count constricts the piece a bit. It's a challenge to present a whole story in a few words! but I think it is a good exercise. I will think about expanding this piece!
  18. Hi, Holly! I love your opening line! I am totally reading on to see what's gonna happen....! but I started getting lost, backing up, starting over when I got to "It wouldn't fit her picture of Mandy....." at that point all kinds of information and people started coming at me. So much to contain in such a small word count. It strikes me that this could definitely be all played out in a powerful larger piece. I wonder what it would be like for you to expand just a first scene within these 500 words. Perhaps show me what Lydia's picture of Mandy is. And how that doesn't include a knife in h
  19. I am intrigued by the layers of meaning re: voice in this piece. The baby in search of the Voice, the embrace of 2 Voices within the story.....Even as you the writer are developing a voice for the baby to help you tell the story! What a remarkable challenge to "show more than tell" the perspective of a baby - you must consider what exactly can a baby even tell?!? Your questions about baby vocabulary are great! I don't know the answers, but you are doing good work!! I can't think off the top of my head of examples of stories (even picture books, perhaps) that are told from the newborn perspect
  20. Thank you @Joy and @Hope Henchey for straightening me out about the wetness.
  21. @Ray Gregory I think the below portion you are asking about are tears. Notice the "quivers" of the one holding the baby.
  22. @Jennifer Searls, thanks for those comments! And yes, having the reader come along on the bike trip is definitely my goal. Thanks for the feedback on how to get there!
  23. @Aimee Guest Ooh, "Losing my Grip" is a great title! I can see how that might tell too much for this disorienting start prompt, though. I also love the idea of a title with "the sea" for a compilation! To my knowledge, there isn't a webinar or other content on how to make Titles. You should send JR a note suggesting it!
  24. Thanks, April, for your comments and suggestions. I always appreciate it when others respond!
  25. Thanks for this, @Bill Delvaux. Good read. I like the way you showed how those thoughts bounced around in an anxious soul. I’d like the ending better if it stopped at “that flight to Boston.” I think your reader can get to that last part all on her own.
  26. Well done, @Aimee Guest. Thank you for showing us what you were seeing and feeling, and for doing it with such grace and courage. I think this is a story about letting go.
  27. @Bethany Sanders Thanks so much for reading and for musing over a title! I will hold on to these suggestions. I thought about "Losing my Grip" but since the piece starts with the grip, I worried that it gave away where the story would go? I mention that my dad's eyes are like a stormy sea and in general the sea reminds me of him because he had a boat and went deep-sea fishing..and I actually connect the fight of the last years of his life with "The old man and the sea" so I think if I ever compiled more stories about him together, it would involve "the sea" in a title. Do we have a
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