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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I don't have a story or anything it goes with yet. I just thought of a wooded place I like to go to and came up with that.

  2. @Jennifer Searls, thank you so much for your comments! You are right; the word count constricts the piece a bit. It's a challenge to present a whole story in a few words! but I think it is a good exercise. I will think about expanding this piece!
  3. @Ray Gregory, thank you for reading, and for your comments. I appreciate your observation about writing "in-scene." I'll have to think about that! @Joy, so much for proofreading! Thanks for the good catch. I've made the edit. And thank you for reading and commenting.
  4. @Aimee Guest, I think it took courage to write this. Thank you for sharing it. This line, I thought, is a gem of insight: If this experience is difficult for your dad, I am guessing it is also bewildering for those who love him. Thanks for putting words to the experience.
  5. @Ray Gregory, wow! Thank you for sharing this story! I especially like the way the title plays into the story; it's clear that Samuel "saw" more than just Andrew, or an ant or a cloud! I like the bits of action you've incorporated into the story: Deborah brushing her hair back, pausing her needlework, and Andrew whisking crumbs off the table. Those actions make them more real to me, and flesh out their personalities.
  6. @Bill Delvaux, I began to suspect what this piece was about at this point. I like the way you suggest the conversational aspect of prayer here. This is as nice a description of prayer as I have read in a long time! Thank you for sharing it!
  7. @Lindsay Kyle, this qualifies as disorienting! It took me awhile to figure out what was going on! Nicely done, with good description and the twist at the end, when mom calls -- thanks for sharing this!
  8. @Joy, I love the honesty and vulnerability of this piece. When you write I could see you, and feel that stubborn refusal to participate in a fake way. And this, as you describe leaving a beloved home -- it rings so true. Lovely work! Thanks for sharing it!
  9. @Brian ORear, thank you for your service. One of our boys served on a carrier in the Gulf (enlisted, not a pilot), and after those first paragraphs your descriptions sounded familiar. Had it not been for the little sharing he did about what it was like, it would have taken longer for me to figure this out. As it was, his spare descriptions of his work tipped me off to what you might be writing about. After those first few disorienting paragraphs, this signaled to me that you might be talking about a military mission: Yes, the imagery set the scene well. I especially liked this
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