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  1. @Aimee Guest Ooh, "Losing my Grip" is a great title! I can see how that might tell too much for this disorienting start prompt, though. I also love the idea of a title with "the sea" for a compilation! To my knowledge, there isn't a webinar or other content on how to make Titles. You should send JR a note suggesting it!
  2. @Hope Henchey I didn't figure out that the narrator was a newborn until I read your explanation. The title "Home again" threw me off a little, because the "again" made me start the story thinking the narrator was coming back to her old house or home country. I might suggest making the title just "Home." It was really fun to go back and read it after knowing that it was a baby who was entering the world via C-section, and going to her adopted parents. I like the way you have the baby name/identify the mother and other adults by their voices. You have good concrete details, like the chang
  3. @Aimee Guest Since you asked for title suggestions, I've been musing over it. This is a hard one to title! The only ones I have managed to come up with are "Here," "Grip," or "The cliff." You definitely could stick with "Untitled," though. It helped me be off balance coming into the story. This piece is intense, and brought me back to the years my grandma was in a nursing home. Thank you for sharing.
  4. @Brian ORear This story is really engaging--it pulled me right in! In answer to your questions: 1) Yes, the imagery was sufficient to paint the scene for me. At first I thought it might be a fictional heist story (like Oceans 11). I started to think it might be a military mission in the middle of the paragraph starting "In the months of buildup." By the next paragraph, that was confirmed for me. Imagery like this made the scene concrete for me. 2) Emotion-wise, I got the sense of intense anticipation or suspense from the narrator, but also determination. This se
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