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  1. Hi visitors to my profile, umm, idk what the point of the post was... oh! now i got it. anyway, thanks for being curious enough to check it out, usually i am not noticed AT ALL in things like this..... this is not yet an exception...Anyway, thnks for taking the time, it actually means alot

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    2. Emma


      Ooh yes I like Historical fic too. Tho i don't read it as much as i used to.

      Are you currently working on a specific story that you're writing?

    3. Kaylee


      honestly, not rn, i got a lot of schoolwork and don't really have any ideas yt... anyway, i gtg to bed now... it's like 10 pm here, and i got schoolwork and chores to do tomorrow before i can get on in the afternoon. i really liked talking to you. Thanks for talking. 🙂

    4. Emma


      Ah ok! Yeah I feel that 😆 I have a lot of school too. It was really nice talking to you! i hope we can continue the conversation later

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