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Lament for Worry and Waste

Guest Cindy Ragsdale

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Guest Cindy Ragsdale

I cannot tell time.
I cannot tell temporal from eternal,
in my one little life,

cannot seem to live long in the best things of you.

Please, God above earthly time,
be in charge of me!
Set my time!
Divide it all rightly.

I will try to trust
that you would stoop to tend to such a thing.

I will proclaim your heart . . . your stooping, tender care.

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Barb Knuckles

@Cindy Ragsdale, I like how spare this is, with the white spaces. It is deceptively simple, but there is weight in the simplicity. 

I am excited to see you post something, my friend. 


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Renee Mathis

Thank you, Cindy! I especially love the thought that as much as I want the Lord to be in charge of my time, I really want him to be in charge of ME!

There are no wasted words here. You invested wisely (yes, I read this morning's Habit newsletter! 🙂 )

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